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If you are in a relationship or marriage or are engaged and want to set goals as a team, be accountable, inspired, motivated as you deepen your bond and connection, strengthen your communication skills and tap into that state of ease and flow together in love, I can help with that.

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Conscious Communication for Couples

It’s not what we say to the people we love but how to say it. Some couples struggle to speak about important matters and even avoid talking about the serious issues such as sex, money, parenting, family, health and future planning.

In this course you will learn how to speak to your partner in a manner that inspires collaboration and forward momentum as a team.

Create a safe space for open, honest communication without judgement.

  • Learn how to ask for what you want, and get it.

  • Learn the words that trigger positive or negative responses.

  • Experience an immediate positive shift to the energy within the relationship.

  • Get the secrets to radically change the way you communicate.

  • Learn how to open up and express freely and fearlessly.

  • Learn how to master the tough topics like sex, money, parenting and outside influences.

  • Learn how to use language to evoke the best in your partner.


This is ideal for the couple who, love each other, are the best of friends but feel that things are a little off or, that they can achieve more in life and deepen their bond. In this program couples learn to handle more challenging issues such as jealousy, infidelity, trust issues, and master the day-to-day matters such as time management, goal setting and accountability. Rooted in the desire for abundance and true unconditional love, the program bonds the couple not by analysis of the past but instead, forward momentum towards a bright, joyous, future… together.


  • Identify what you want to create as a couple now in your lives.

  • Establish roles that allow people to play to their strengths and OWN it.

  • Understand the power of true unconditional love and unconditional living.

  • Commit to peace and forgiveness, squish beefs and move forward.

  • Understand Law of Attraction and how to use it to serve you.

  • Understand and master intuitive listening which encourages people to share more.

  • Establish a “safe zone of trust” which encourages openness without judgment.

  • Create a NEW, powerful, negotiation method that quickly settles disagreements.

  • Learn how to approach family, friends, children and even the family pet as a unified front.

  • Get the tools necessary to build a marital bond based on mutual respect, trust and forward momentum towards achieving goals and creating a new stronger bond than ever before.

  • Have better more connected sex, earn more money and feel better and healthier.

RelationshipRescue copy.png

Relationship Rescue

Someone messed up BAD and now you’re doubting if you can ever get it back. If you’re stuck having the same arguments without any solutions, ACT NOW! DO NOT DELAY!

As long as BOTH of you want to be together you have a shot. If you have the will to work it out then message me now and let’s roll.

It is time to the root of the knot that has you both all tangled up in resentment, harsh words and tone, control, judgement, fear, so that you can truly forgive and move forward.

If you would rather create a new future than re-hash the past, THIS is your opportunity to transform your relationship.

In this program…

  • You both will have the freedom to be heard.

  • You will NOT be judged.

  • You will be given the tools necessary to move you forward and out of the past and tools that help you to shift to seeking solutions, solve conflicts, set goals, create new standards and relationship agreements that are rooted in respect for self and one another.

  • You will negotiate and create a game-plan that you both feel good about.

  • You will learn about your patterns, triggers and how to be responsible for your own happiness first and most.

  • You will establish new boundaries and strengthen your bond with a relationship that is rooted in mutual respect, forward momentum, unconditional love, ease and flow.

  • You will emerge stronger… together.

Pre -Marriage Prep

You got engaged!! Congratulations!! Now what?

What do you want your marriage to be about? What do you both stand for?

A wedding is a party, a celebration. A marriage is a whole other game.

When two strong self-loving individuals come together and are committed to a loving partnership based on respect, joy, peace and goal achievement, they become a high functioning team.


  • Establish who you are and what you stand for as a couple and team.

  • Learn how to approach family and friends as a unified front.

  • Have open discussions and establish plans regarding living arrangements, finances, and 5, 10 year goals etc so that you already have a COMMITTED PATH going into the marriage.

  • Navigate and handle any challenges and triggers that may come up along the way.

  • Get the tools necessary to build a marital bond based on mutual respect, trust and forward momentum towards achieving goals and building a great life together.

*****Programs are available as gifts! Contact us if you would like to purchase this and any other programs as a gift.